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Bristol 2050

The peoples plan

Sorry it’s taken a while to write up last weeks meeting. Despite the torrential rain we had about 25 people come along so it was a respectable turnout.

We used the Open Space meeting thing again, it worked well, we ended up with about nine possible conversations of which I reckon about six actually happened.

Things that were discussed included:

* Tendency for the community food producers to not integrate well with food retail.

* Opportunities for urban farming on the ‘stadium’ site near temple meads, now designated as a ‘enterprise zone’

* Creating ‘clusters’ of enterprises that can re-use waste products of other nearby enterprises creating a virtuous circle and zero waste. Example:’Waste’ food  from market > Urban Care farm for composting > Food grown on site in compost > food sold back to market.

* Possibilities of using coppice as biomass heating for polytunnels in commerical urban agriculture.

* Bicycle theft & prevention!

* How the 2050 process is a divergent exploritary process at this stage, many felt it would converge on concrete proposals and plans, but not just yet.

* The Occupy movement seems to be attempting to tackle systematic problems, can it bring existing single issue campaigning groups together in a coherent way?

*  Urban agriculture and care farming is a very effective treatment for recovering drug addicts. This is an opportunity for Occupy to model effective solutions to the inner city problems that people actually care about: Drugs and Crime

*  People often lack skills in cooking and preparation of food. Part of picture is showing people how to cook with vegetables.

* The Edible Landscapes Movement in Knowle West

* Tackling complete food supply chains. Supply chain mapping of the food network is going to be undertaken

* Re-iterated importance of working with existing groups and projects. Notably Bristol Green Capital Bristol Food NetworkTranistion Bristol

* Some other stuff I have probably forgotten about

Worth stating again that the Open Space model allows for discussions on much broader topics than just those defined by the ‘organisers’ of the meeting. As shown by the bicycle discussion.

The next meeting will be in a couple of weeks. Watch this space for details..


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